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NOTICE: There are 3 different Coles override request sites, each of which handles different types of requests:

* REPEATS - For business and non-business majors - To request permission to register for a business course more than two times.

* SPECIALS - For business and non-business majors - To request an override based on a course substitution or special permission from a Department Chair.

* PREREQS - For business majors only - For requests that do not qualify for one of the preceding sites.

Please be sure to submit your request at the correct site.


This is the SPECIALS request site. It is for the following situations only:

1) You have a course substitution for the prerequisite of the course you want to take.

2) You have special permission from a Coles Department Chair to enroll in one of their courses without meeting all of the prerequisites.

3) You are a non-business major who wants to enroll in an upper-division business course.

If you have questions about your particular situation, see an advisor in the Coles Center for Student Success (KH 1314).

For all categories above- Requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Although you submit your request online, it must be processed by hand.
When you are done making requests please close this page.

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